24. Nov, 2017
Dear Loy and Peter, I was a walking scorer for 3 days and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Having played as a finalist in the Turkish open ( rather badly unfortunately!) I received a VIP/volunteers  pass and was treated like a princess the whole week . Congratulations to everyone involved in the organization of the event, as far as I am concerned everything was perfect.
Beat Regards, Deborah Mackenzie.
13. Nov, 2017

Hi Peter. I had the pleasure to be a part of your team 2017 for one day (saturday). I volunteered as static marshall on 17/18 fairways crossing points. I am ready for 2018 and hope for a walking marshal position for all 4 days. 
Best regards
Helge Knudsen
Retired Air Traffic Controller, age 67 (in 2018), in good shape and playing a lot of golf.

12. Nov, 2017

Turkish Airlines Open 2018.

Deal Peter and Loy,

I would like to sign up Ägäis for the 2018 Open already.
Preferred Position ist Walking Scorrer.
Second preferred Position ist Walking Marshall.
I‘ll be available all dass including the Pro-Am as walking Marshall.
Experience by then: Turkish Airlines Open 2016 and 2017, Porsche Open 2017 and 2018.

Best regards,

12. Nov, 2017

I like this year's job very much and want come to competition 2018 walking marshall.
Best Regards
Jarmo Kuru